Blue Scholars — Commencement Day

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I fell way behind my social media schedule, but am glad to announce that I am getting back on the blog train.  I thought I would kick this week off with another video (although its really just the audio since I couldn’t find the version I first saw a few years ago that had more interesting video accompaniment).  The song was introduced to me by a very radical educator who loves teaching kids to beat box.  Anyway, I enjoy it, hope you will too.



2 comments on “Blue Scholars — Commencement Day

  1. Hayek says:

    This was actually a really decent hip-hop song considering the seriousness of the subject matter. I couldn’t agree more that we use a horrbly archaic schooling sytem that’s failing our youth, however I feel there are some ideas here that don’t need to be mixed.

    -GPAs are not as useful as people think they are.
    -The drop out rate is unacceptable.
    -No Child Left Behind is a joke.
    -The paradigm surrounding our education system is designed for a different century.

    These and a few other ideas from the song I thought were great but I don’t think they should be mixed with:

    -Teachers are not inherently underpaid, it’s actually a fairly high paid profession considering how many we need to employ and the relative level of education/expertise. Yes, they may be more important to society than other higher paid professionals but salaries aren’t determined by how important your role in society is they are determined by an interaction between supply and demand.
    -Budget cuts are not causing our education problems.
    -It’s worth learning about those slave-ownin’ white men in history class, they had some pretty important ideas.

    Some problems with education system seem to be institutional while others are a matter of unsettled political debate.

    Was a great video though, inspired me to take a longer look into Blue Scholars they’re pretty cool.

    Just my 2 cents

    • PedagogyoftheObsessed says:

      Thanks for the comment. I think the supply/demand interactions around teaching jobs are interesting and not straightforward. I don’t think that salary is the biggest inhibition to good people entering/staying in the teaching profession. As far as budget cuts, I think they do exacerbate education difficulties. I don’t think spending more money in schools will inevitably lead to better results, but I don’t think schools can do the kind of capacity building that they need to with budgets at the levels they are at now (and doesn’t this relate to the supply/demand teacher pay issues?)

      I am also a pretty staunch believer in traditional liberal arts instruction, but think that pedagogy should not shy away from issues of race, power, etc. Their is a legitimate question about which cultures classes like history should focus on, or more accurately how the focus on various cultures/societies/individuals should be balanced, but I don’t think there is a correct answer to that question. Many attempts to make literature, history, and some other subjects “culturally relevant” are superficial and resemble pandering while still shying away from really meaningful discussions around sensitive issues.

      Glad you liked it, I am also curious about the group.

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